PracticeGround 2018

The Evidence-Based Practice Institute team, the host of PracticeGround, will offer training in the science of care and management of suicide and support for therapist mindfulness.

Why suicide? – Suicide rates continue to rise in the U.S. and other countries. In the U.S. alone, a person dies by suicide every 13 minutes making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for all ages and the second leading cause of death for persons 10 to 44. Join us to focus on what is new and emerging in suicide research: improve your clinical practice, manage risks, and most importantly, prevent suicide.

Why employment? – There’s one thing to be certain of when treating people with BPD: Employment matters. Behaviorally, we are what we do. Our actions in the world define who we are, how we and others think of ourselves, and why the question, “What do you do (for a living?)” is among the first thing we ask about when meeting someone for the first time. The research is becoming more and more clear: You want positive outcomes for your BPD patient? Help them get and maintain a job.

Why mindfulness? – Sustain the quality of your work and wellbeing as a therapist by strengthening your understanding and practice of mindfulness meditation, to reduce stress, and live with greater intention and awareness.


#1 - Emerging Trends and Directions in Suicide Research (only)

  • Six one-hour CE talks on emerging directions in suicide prevention by leading suicide researchers
  • Access lectures in real-time or On Demand

#2 - Mindfulness Meditation (only)

  • Six one-hour CE talks by DBT Expert Cedar Koons, LCSW to build and strengthen one's practice and understanding of mindfulness and meditation
  • EBPI has allocated 6 hours of continuing education for this course.  After attending all of the webinar sessions and completing a course evaluation form, a CE certificate will be emailed to the attendee for 6 CEUs. 
  • Access lectures in real-time or On Demand

#3 - Employment Series (only)

  • Seven one-hour CE talks by DBT experts reviewing current research about the importance of employment in effective treatment, as well as practical clinical implications for targeting employment for people with Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Access lecture in real-time or On Demand