Announcing WILLOW Path to Wellbeing

Professional wellbeing is a blend of self-care and doing your best work. The WILLOW Path to Wellbeing is an 11-month learning retreat that gives you the tools, training, and support you need to design a more satisfying and sustainable path for your wellbeing. 

  • The practices of mindfulness and measurement-based care provide the compass.

  • Live online sessions with inspiring guest instructors guide a process of reflection, design, and action. 

  • The accountability of (soft) milestones and a peer community will help us make and sustain our desired changes.

Different from past years, we’ll learn evidence-based interventions on-the-job using WILLOW, our new software platform. Join our live sessions with inspiring guest instructors guiding our process of reflection and action.



WILLOW is a powerful all-in-one behavioral health platform

WILLOW helps therapists learn, use, and monitor patients’ response to evidence-based practices (EBPs). During the learning retreat, you can use WILLOW to learn or brush up on interventions for depression, insomnia, and/or to manage suicide risk; use it with some or all of your patients or to track your own outcomes for progress monitoring.  Learn more about WILLOW.

In addition to access to WILLOW, participants in the learning retreat can choose to attend the mix of activities that best meets their needs.


Live Sessions Throughout 2017 

Choose from a wide variety of talks to help you (re)establish a mindfulness meditation practice, treat your burn out, learn simple yoga movements to reduce your stress, do measurement-based care, or learn the science of compassion mindfulness (and more!).

100 days of Mindfulness: Virtual Weekly Meditation “Sits”

Each Thursday morning at 6:00AM PST/9:00AM EST, join us for a live 25-minute sit. We will ring the bell three times at the top of the hour, and once at the end to conclude our sit.

Clinical Leaders Quarterly Live Forum

Running a clinic or program within a clinic poses its own stresses and burdens. Linda Dimeff, Portland DBT Institute Director and Co-Owner, will chair the forum that will include cameos by other clinic owners and directors. The forum will address a wide range of relevant issues, from strategies for negotiating higher rates of reimbursement to an innovative evidence-based approach for effectively hiring clinicians and administrative staff.


Measurement-Based Care & Program Evaluation Forum

Kelly Koerner and Andrew White, co-chairs, help you learn best practice principles and procedures for program evaluation, then roll up your sleeves and get started with designing a plan to evaluate the outcomes of your program or private practice. Use WILLOW, including its robust library of empirically validated measures, to gather program data across clinicians and patients. Complete your first program evaluation by the end of 2017.


CE Credit for 2017 Talks and On Demand Trainings.

CE Credits are available by attending this year’s series of talks. Earn CE credits as you go – from both live talks and on demand trainings.







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