Design Thinking

Design or design thinking builds things and services based on an empathic understandingof what people need and the constraints they face as they try to solve problems.  To me, the “science-practice gap” is a design problem.  “Non-responders” in treatment trials are a design problem.  How can we build therapies and ways of training therapists that are like the best consumer products–useful, easy-to-use, even delightful?

“Maybe we won’t be able to get people to change their behaviour so we’ll have to work around that.” Ben Terrett

Techniques from ethnography, like this open source Human Centered Design Toolkit, can guide everything from the redesign of a shopping cart to designing products and services with big social impact, like the portable, human powered water pump shown above from KickStart.  Designing in this way is different than how we usually proceed. Steve New’s short piece about “making Special Stuff” shows how we lose track of the people we serve.

This is one theme we want to explore and talk with you about.  What if we brought a design team focus to design therapies and ways of training therapists?