Three Words for 2014?

A blog writer I follow says that every year to help focus his goals and efforts, he chooses 3 words that sum up the changes or improvements to work on in the coming year. I thought I would give it a try. Want to try it with me?

Here goes.  The 3 words I choose for 2014 are below.  How about yours?

Lean In. Lean in to hear more clearly. Lean in like a dog settles its weight on its people.  Connect through the center and go for full-body contact with the difficult or unwelcome so I take good care of the present moment.

Simplify. Wherever I can, simplify. Cull. Prune. Distill. Like a craftsman, do what’s essential (that is, practice disciplined maintenance, hone skills, and play/work with complete effort).

Hygge. (HYU-gah) Hygge is a Danish word I just learned, that means something like an atmosphere or feeling of warmth, being part-of, cozy and well. This hygge feeling has always been most associated for me with shared effort-preparing the fields, bringing in the harvest, making the feast, and gathering over the meal to talk. I want to make and share Hygge this year!

How about you?  What 3 words might help focus your goals and efforts? Sum up the changes and improvements you aspire to in 2014?