Join live online meetings or view recorded talks to learn evidence-based practice concepts and strategies.

Build Core Competencies. Learn and strengthen therapy strategies and protocols relevant across client problems with bite-sized mini-lessons and suggestions for deliberate practice.  You decide whether to skim or study in-depth, based on your needs. At the end of each month, you can submit a short report (2 quick questions on take-aways and how you've practiced during the month) and earn 1 CE credit (total of 12 CE credits available).

This year's menu includes:

  • March-April: Behavioral Activation, Validation, and Measurement Based Care
  • May-June: Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicide, Measurement Based Care
  • July: Evidence-Based Clinical Supervision
  • August-September: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia and Bipolar Disorder
  • October-November: Cognitive Processing Therapy and formal and informal exposure procedures
  • December-February: Mindfulness-based and Compassion Focused Interventions

Take Part in the Idea Rodeo. Matthieu Villatte and Kelly Koerner will curate and organize interviews, presentations and the most interesting content we can find to take on a test ride. We invite great speakers and study together in book/journal clubs. On tap for 2016: the science and clinical application of Porges' polyvagal theory; brain science and borderline personality disorder; how to help clients in abusive relationships; clinical implications of research on emotion and emotion regulation; uncommon views on common processes; how to understand EMDR's "resourcing" strategies; Is there a role for neuroscience in psychotherapy? The example of coherence therapy; and more!  You can earn 1 CE credit for attending each session live or by completing a brief post-test if you watch the archive afterwards (total of at 6 CE credits available).

Discuss Ideas and Get Feedback on Your Cases from Colleagues Worldwide. For many of our users, the community is what keeps people coming back. Members have a safe place to share their reflections on successes and stuck points with their clients.  They are also able to ask questions about the new content and get feedback on ways to implement the strategies with particular clients.

In addition to the live events, practice sessions and new material, PracticeGround also contains a lot of community resources that allow you to skim a topic or dive in deep. Here are a few from past years:

  • Developing Clinical Expertise thru Deliberate Practice and Feedback by Cannon Thomas
  • Functional Analytic Psychotherapy and FAP Treatment Planning by Mavis Tsai
  • An Acceptance-Based Behavior Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder by Liz Roemer
  • Values Work in ACT:  Dignifying Treatment of Disordered Eating by Emily Sandoz & Kelly Wilson
  • Handling Treatment Failure Successfully by Jackie Persons
  • Combining Medication & CBT by Donna Sudak
  • Exposure Procedures by Amy Wagner and Stacy Shaw Welch
  • Using the Unconscious by Jacqueline A-tjak
  • Clinical Supervision by Robert Reiser
  • Resilient Caregiving by Sue McCurry
  • MetaCognitive Therapy by Dean Watkins
  • Treatment of Shame Series: by Liz Simpson, Shelly Frank, Shireen Rizvi and Jason Luoma)

Just One Cost: Your Annual Membership Gets You In. There's truly just one cost for it all: Focused training, live practice exercises and events, and years of accumulated resources.